Betsoft presents its new 3D Tycoons Slot Machine

Immerses you in the world of the jetset and the wealthy elite of a society that has only to play games of money and chance. The characters take place in a room or a room or play as in any good casino worthy of the name, the most popular games and the most lucrative. The universe of Tycoons is in 3D which makes even more real not only the characters but also all the icons of this slot machine.

To play, you have 5 reels of 3 symbols each with a possibility to bet on 30 lines of play with several coins, to place reasonable bets since the minimum bet starts at a few cents but most importantly, to enjoy many bonus games developed by this publisher and participate in the Progressive Jackpot that is integrated with this machine.

To participate in bonus games Tycoons, you must make some scouting, including identifying the strongest symbols of the game, that is to say, those who pay the most. To get used to the game of this machine, its icons and familiar with the atmosphere of the theme offered by the online casino , you can play virtual money for a few minutes, selecting the demo mode.

The stakes poker bonus game is a 2nd screen game that allows you to instantly collect hundreds of bonus credits if you display at least 3 icons that represent playing cards: the characters of the game invite you to their game table to try to guess which of them to the best hand. If you manage to identify the best player, you win your reward! There is also a game that allows you to collect free spins: The “round Tycoon”. To trigger these free spins games, you just have to display 3 icons that display the 2 letters “F” and “S” as Free Spin. When this is the case, you participate in other free casino gamesor you can reach new win lines or your winnings are multiplied by 2 or more.