Counting Cards

Blackjack is a game of 52 cards in six games, 03 of one color, and 03 of another. After the player has received two cards, he will draw other cards in order to get close to 21, without having to overtake him knowing the goal and to beat the points of the dealer, who this one represents the house or the casino.

Knowing the probabilities in this game is like mastering the basic strategy of blackjack, it should also have a good memory, especially when you look at the technique of counting cards. Indeed, knowing how to count the cards brings you to have a perfect mastery of the basic strategy because these two tips are complementary. Your advantage is based mainly on a good probability, on the fact of counting the cards, you can already have a good deduction of the cards remaining in the shoe, so you can know if you go bet more or less. Bet more if the remaining cards in the hoof are favorable to you and can also help you give more confidence to your strategy for specific hands. The Hi-Lo or Hi-Low counting system is one of the card counting systems that is used frequently by some talented players, a way of counting cards in a balanced way, which is because there is as many as +1 as -1 in the game, which is a count of the 52 cards that result in a zero at the end. In this count, when the dealer distributes the cards, the counter continues its task so as to mentally memorize the cards that are played while determining whether to bet or not.

During card distribution, counting cards is a more accurate strategy for a player to bet more or less in a high probability that helps him to control the game.