risk-free bets, and so much more. It is always better if you have more bets placed.

Most beginners at online betting do not take advantage of the new technology. They think that a single account with a bookmaker is enough. They have no idea that using several accounts will increase their chance of winning. There are various benefits you could gain when you register more than one account. It is even better if you register with different bookmakers. Opening several accounts is quite common for professional bettors. This is because they are aware of what they could gain.


Most bookmakers, like Joker888, offer sign-up bonuses. They also have different incentives for their new players. Sign-up bonuses come in different forms. Some offer a deposit bonus where your first deposit will be 100% matched by the bookmaker. A deposit of $100 will give you an extra $100. Other bookmakers offer a free bet. When you bet $20 you will get a free $20 bet. These bonuses will help increase your bankroll.

Aside from the sign-p bonuses, most bookmakers also offer on-going promotional bonuses. Some examples of these bonuses are the price boost, risk-free bets, and so much more. It is always better if you have more bets placed.

Betting risk

Bookmakers aim to make a financial profit. They record all your betting transactions and make use of that record. Your entire betting pattern becomes available almost to everyone. It affects the chance of your account becoming suspended. Or the probability that your betting options get limited. Bookmakers can judge a certain player based on their records. A player who often has an advantage over the bookmaker and keeps on getting money on a regular basis is a threat. They will either limit or close the account of that player.


Let us say that a player has a 200% ROI on his or her football wagers over the past four months at a certain bookmaker. That player also lost money on his or her tennis bets at the same bookmaker. What most bookmakers do is that they put a limit on the max football betting stake of the player. They will then offer a betting bonus that he or she can use on tennis events only.

Having several accounts at different bookmakers spread your betting risk. Spreading your bets lowers the risk of getting your account closed or limited.

Best odds

Betting online is like shopping. You need to check out the price of the item you like at several shops. You have to compare the prices and choose which one offers the best one. The same goes for betting online. You have to look for the best odds offered. A small difference in odds can make a huge difference in the long run. This is because it accumulates to a significant amount.

A bookmaker may offer lower odds for a specific betting selection. But it may have higher odds for another selection. This is why it is better if you have an account at several bookmakers. You can choose which bookmaker offers the best odds for a chosen betting selection. You may place a bet for a specific betting selection with the bookmaker offering low odds. And then you can choose another bookmaker for another betting selection. It is even better if you can place bets on both bookmakers. This will increase your chances of winning even more. Most professional bettors have accounts at as many bookmakers as possible.

Opening accounts at several bookmakers is very quick and easy. You can get it done in a matter of minutes. But the long-term advantages and benefits you could reap are greater than you expect. There is no reason why you should be content with having one account with one bookmaker. You can always withdraw your funds from a certain bookmaker. Especially if you are not satisfied with your experience.