Introspection in the Game of Poker

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Actions with a high degree of complexity require introspection in order to raise them to a level where they can be considered “art”. This principle, of course, applies to the game of poker and not even poker. To play or not to play poker requires deep knowledge about you, more than most people want to learn. Self-esteem is the basis of introspection, and it is very difficult to assume. We struggle with internal knowledge, and it is much easier for us to gain knowledge about events and circumstances outside of ourselves. The exact self-criticism of our characters is anathema. In poker, the lack of introspection can make you play much longer than you expected, but you don’t know how and when to stop.

You may be playing poker due to boredom or lack of imagination to find something else you can do.

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This leaves you without a goal and makes you give yourself to meaningless actions. If he refuses to accept the rigors of introspection, but still wants to continue playing Agen Judi Poker Deposit Via Pulsa he can focus on poker with the goal of winning, and no matter who he has, win or lose, no one wants to lose, so you continue to play .You should focus on the fact that you must decide whether to continue the game or exit the game. The decision will immediately affect your winnings in the game, and you know that you cannot afford to lose. Now it has become clear to you that the only reason to stay in the game is that you have a chance of winning. Think about your ultimate goal, not whether you win or lose at any given time. This may be in good condition or during the cold season, but overall net profit is important.

Practicing strike and run strategies can be a safe bet, but if you are striving not only for safe play, this strategy is not for you. If you win, this is what you play for, play with discernment and introspection and exit the game only when you clearly anticipate a net loss. The truth is that in poker all hands are distributed to all players purely mathematically, having nothing to do with the goddess of fortune. It is foolish to sweat and get nervous when your cards are bad and completely euphoric when they are good. However, it is true that self-fulfilling prophecies have been shown to have some psychological validity. If you played your hand well and were lucky, your success will impress your opponents, who you consider to be a player.


Therefore, it is important to prevent this from happening to you. Allow yourself a little introspection, and you may even find that you are afraid to take risks and really think that this is wrong. Admit yourself that it is you and that this feature should not control what you do in life or in poker.