Online Gaming Regulators And Licensing Bodies: Australia/Oceania

Over 80% of the Australian population engage in betting games. There is a general prohibition on the conduct and promotion of gambling in all jurisdictions in Australia. Legislative exemptions exist for activities conducted under a license. These include lotteries, sports betting, Judi online, and other casino games. There are three gaming regulators that issue licenses in Australia/Oceania.

ACT Gambling and Racing Commission

The ACTGRC is an independent body established in 1999. It was a result of the passing of the Gambling and Racing Control Act. The ACTGRC administers certain Acts relating to gambling and racing. It establishes the powers, functions, and activities of the Commission. Some of the functions are:

  • regulation of the following activities:
  • casino games;
  • gaming machines;
  • lotteries;
  • racing;
  • betting; and
  • interactive gambling.
  • approval of gaming and racing activities
  • monitoring and research of social effects of gambling and problem gambling
  • review of legislation and policies related to gaming and racing
  • making recommendations to the Minister based on the above reviews
  • provision of education and counseling services
  • investigation and inquiries about issues and activities related to gaming and racing matters
  • monitoring, research, and funding of activities related to gaming and racing
  • engagement in community consultation
  • collection of fees, taxes, and charges authorized by gaming laws
  • promotion of consumer protection
  • reduction of the possibility of criminal and unethical activities
  • lessening the risks and costs to concerned parties

Northern Territory Director-General of Licensing

This body used to be the Northern Territory Licensing Commission. Abolished in 2015, the Director-General of Licensing replaced the said body. The replacement oversees the process of licensing for various industries, including online betting. The NTDGL oversees only a limited number of games offered in Australia. Most of these games are lotteries. Games offered in other countries are also under the NTDGL’s regulating powers. This is as long as the other nation has not signed any agreement preventing Australian corporations from offering their games there.

Vanuatu Customs and Inland Revenue

The government of Vanuatu has been striving to attract casino operators. They have been making an effort to get firms to establish their companies in this island nation. They offer very low tax rates at 0.1% to attract sportsbooks. They are well aware that this rate appeals to thrifty executives. They also offer reasonable fees while providing an impressive array of consumer protections. The only downside is the remote location of Vanuatu. Operators find it challenging to make this island nation their base. Despite this, Vanuatu Customs and Inland Revenue maintains a very healthy reputation.