The online domino poker

Dominoqq Online

Gambling is a very popular thing in almost every country, each country has its own special games. There are tons and tons of games that you can gamble at, like Black Jack, Dice, Roulette, Slots, and a fan favourite poker. There are various types of poker games, one being dominoqq online. Now we know that gambling extends beyond a premises, it can be played online, and there are many sites that allow you access to various games. So you can’t really loose out on gambling online.

What is this?

There are several versions of poker, and one of them is called dominoqq, it is a popular gambling game played online in Indonesia. Even though it seems like it is poker there are some differences. Like for the fact that it uses domino cards, to be more exact is uses 28 double six domino cards. It is related to the Chinese gambling game know as pai gow. This kind of gambling can get a bit challenging and difficult, but trust me it can get addicting too. If you know all the rules then you’re in for a real treat.

Dominoqq Online

How to play?

When playing dominoqq online it can get a bit difficult here and there but if you learn it won’t be that hard. So first of all you will have 28 cards, and with that you can place a certain amount in a pot. The amount will depend on how low and high the bets are, and after everyone has placed it in the pot they will be dealt three dominos. With that they can either call, fold, raise or bet. The game will continue until all the dominos are dealt. The one with the highest pairs will be the winner at the end. So it’s that simple, if you get the hang of it you’ll do perfectly fine.

Where can you play it?

Now this is an online gambling game, so the obvious place to look for it would be on the internet. There are many sites who offer these games, so you just have to do a quick search. The thing about this is that it is an Indonesian game, so most of the sites will be in Indonesian, but if you are able to translate the site then you would have no problems at all. But make sure you check if they are registered, you don’t want to spend all your money on fake sites.