The Sites Of Football Betting

The Two Sides of Football Betting

For a long time, people have been confused about football. On the one hand they were the Americans and some number of small, sometimes unknown countries that played “football”, American style. In this American style football game,a ball shaped like an inflated banana, which could alternatively be kicked and also hugged to the player’s bosom, is carted, carried and kicked from one end of the playing field to the other, by helmeted players. Scoring is by the number of ‘touch downs’ on the opposite end or kicking the ball above (not inside) the elongated goal post.

The other more universal form of football is also called “fussball” in Germany and “soccer” by the Americans and has a spheroid shaped ball. Scoring is by ‘goals’ or putting the ballinside the rectangular goal posts and into the backing nets. Two teams of eleven players each defend their own goal and try to put the ball into the opposing goal, past a “goalkeeper”. This version of football is played with the lower limbs, chest and head only. Only one player from each side, pre-selected as a “goalkeeper”, is allowed to protect his goal by using any part of his body including the hands. Automatically therefore, with modern football gambling going online, the bestonline football Betting sites like are different for each type of football.

Best Sites on The American Side

The National Football League (NFL) is the major football league in the U.S.A. MyBookie has an impressive record in running betting games for the American Oriented public. Other sites in this top category are Bovada, Bet Now and Sports Betting. All of these betting sites are regulated by the NFL and therefore are safe for betting with

And Now for Soccer

Soccer football is far more widely played than the American version and the gambling sites also have a much wider client base. GT Bets is one of the most popular while Bookmaker is reckoned to be the safest. Some soccer football betting sites straddle both types of football successfully. Bovada is perhaps the best Online Football Betting site in the world. Others are Intertops, sports Betting, 5Dimes, Bet Online Sports and Xbet. Again, MyBookie features largely in this form of football too. Experts advise that using online betting sites is by far the best and safest way to bet on any form of football.