Beginner’s Guide To Playing HOO HEY HOW Online – READ HERE

Playing Online Gambling

            HOO HAY HOW น้ำเต้าปูปลา after Sic Bo is the second most popular dice game. Playing anything with the same interface Nowadays, players also play gourds, crab, fish via online casinos because it’s easy to play 24 hours, play wherever, anywhere, anywhere. Gourds, crab, cat, cat have different points from the lowest or sic bo games where on all six sides, the symbols on the dice are in various shapes as the name is a gourd, crab, tiger fish, chicken, shrimp.

The gourd, crab, fish uses three dice on the dice’s six sides, which have the mark. It’s a gourd, crab, rat, tiger, chicken, shrimp, and color, and numbers are assigned to each dice mark, allowing the rat gourd to pierce high/low. As a dice but the color in which the Sic Bo has no color, and the number of gourd symbols, crab, fish are as follows:

  1. Fish = Red, 1 point
  2. Shrimp = Green, 2 points
  3. Calabash = Blue 3 points
  4. Tiger = Blue, 4 points
  5. Crab = Green, 5 points
  6. Chicken = Red, 6 points

Playing Online Gambling

            Players will have between 40-60 seconds to choose to bet on the dice, symbols, numbers, or colors by putting money on the betting board before the game begins. Once the bet ends, the game starts with the workers (dealer) shaking the transparent system with all three dice inside. Once the dice stops moving and opens the cover when the dice are drawn from the player’s bet would earn money as defined by the game. In which the payout ratio of gourds, crabs, and online fish is very similar to the high-low games That, if you can remember the dice, you can automatically play น้ำเค้าปูปลาออนไลน์  gourd, crab, fish.

Placing bets and payouts

  • Teng Teng: 1 symbol to estimate. For instance, “Chicken” bet When all one dice comes out, the “Chicken” payout rate is one time, when 2 “Chicken” payout 2 times, then three times the “Chicken” payout 3 times.
  • 2 Betting: 2 betting styles. The ‘prawn’ and the ‘tiger’ for starters. If the dice is ‘prawn’ and ‘tiger,’ the payout figure for both forms is five times.
  • Over/Under bets: Predict all three dice total. Total 4-10 points = Low, total 11-17 points = High. The payout has been made one time.
  • Bet on Even/Odd: Guess the number of the three dice to decide whether the total points are even or unusual. With a one-time pay limit.
  • Repeat or double ball: 1 form of symbol guessing, but hoping that it would emit 2. Think of ‘cod,’ for sure. Only three dice have ‘cod’ to question. Two-thirds of the dice get an 8-time payout bonus.
  • Color bet: guess what color the dice are coming out of

– Given that one color has a payout rate of 1.

– Two-color projections have a 3-fold payout limit.

– Devise one color (not specify color) with payment rate seven times.