Easy casino game for beginners to win jackpots

Want to play different Varieties of casino games sitting at your home, workplace , park , bedroom and whenever and wherever you want and want to enjoy full experience of casino games here in pussy888 everything is provided and one can register here very easily by just opening byhe website and Registering and evennhere very easy details are asked and all doubts will be cleared by customer agent who is present 24 hours and all 7 days of week. Want To try a game which is simple and fast and win a big amount then try playing a Blackjack game.

Know particular game you want to thoroughly

Here many games are available in pussy888 and among them is blackjack game  which is lovers by everyone and many new players try blackjack as it is easy to understand and play easily and earn easily but before that try Understanding how the game works  and understanding all the rules in even essential the blackjack game is one type of cards game in which total 52 cards will be there which includes few club type of cards , few spades type of cards, few heart shaped cards, and few diamond cards and all these cards will be in two colors red colours and black colour , half of the total cards are in red and other half in black knowing cards and their values are important and all cards are provided with numbers at the corners of the cards.

After understanding about cards know how to play in this game one player is you and other player will be the casino itself and few  cards are given each player and if the adding the cards with them the numbers comes out below 21 it is fine but if above 21 then in starting itself the player who gets more than 21 is out of the game.band now comparing the two player’s cards and whose cards sum is near to the 21 they will be declared as winners. And here if the gamer gets a sum of 17 or less than 17 than he can pick a new card and count that card along with the existing cards and again counted and  if the count is 21 he won if more than it he lost and comparing the cards values of both players is required and with whom the cards value is close to 21 he will be declared as the winner. If any of the players get one Ace card and another card jack he has got a pure sequence and that will be declared as pure blackjack and he wins.