The popularity of Poker keeps on soaring high in different parts of the world. There are plenty of casinos offering many Poker variations, both land-based and online. Among these casinos is ทางเข้า BK8 where you can play various Poker games.

Omaha is a Poker variation with different versions. It is a Poker game where players use their hole cards and the community cards. Here are some Omaha Poker games worth checking out.

Hourglass Poker

In this Omaha-based Poker game, players have options. You can choose 2 cards in the middle row and 3 cards each of the top and bottom rows of the community cards. This means you have a total of 18 three-card combinations on the board. There are many opportunities to draw what you want because of the number of combinations. Drawing big hands is also more possible, both high and low. What started out as best also has a great chance of becoming counterfeit, especially for the low hand. Even a mediocre starting hand can end up as a winner in this game because of the many common cards.

Tic-Tac-Toe Poker

Another great Poker game, this game is not like most Omaha-based games. You can make 8 three-card combinations from the common board cards which is a bit fewer than most games. The gameplay is a lot like the standard Omaha though. The usual winning hand depends on the coordination of the board cards.

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Bermuda Triangle Poker

There are only 3 three-card combinations you can make from the common board cards in this game. It is fewer than most Omaha-based games. It is easy for these combinations to be very uncoordinated. The result is less flush possibilities. The chances of an appearance of a pair on the board is very small. Even if it appears, the possibility of making a full house is a lot less than in the standard Omaha.

Frame-Up Poker

This game only has 4 three-card combinations possible from the common board cards. Like in the Bermuda Triangle, these combinations are often uncoordinated, eliminating flush possibilities. A pair appears more than in the Bermuda Triangle but the chances of making a full house stays the same. The coordination of the board cards determine the usual winning hand. The more coordination, the better the starting hand, and the better chances of winning.

All BK8 games are thrilling and enjoyable. Registering an account only takes a few moments. See for yourself which is the best Omaha-based Poker for you.